6 Benefits of Zero-Turn Mowers

Mowing the lawn doesn’t have a reputation as a dreaded chore for no reason. Depending on the size of your lawn, mowing can take hours, during which you’re exposed to the elements while performing physical labor. In addition, you may have to deal with awkward maneuvering in attempting to trim areas the mower couldn’t reach. […]

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4 Chainsaw Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Working with chainsaws can be a dangerous job, and operators should use protective clothing and practice safe procedures. The toothed, rotating chain used to cut trees can cause lacerations—the most common chainsaw injury—when the equipment is used improperly. These chainsaw safety tips can help you avoid needless injury whether on the job or private property. […]

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Welcome to the Bama Auto Parts Blog

What comes to mind when you hear Husqvarna? Spending a Saturday cutting and trimming, the thrill of  feeling a chainsaw’s motor running, or maybe just flashes of bright orange in the power equipment section of your favorite home improvement store. Whatever you associate with Husqvarna, you are making a connection to a brand that represents […]

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